500 Dollar Bill

United States 500 Dollar Bill

500 Dollar bill note Major General Joseph King Mansfield
1878 $500 Legal Tender Note Major General Joseph King Mansfield

Bust of Major General Joseph King Mansfield, killed in action at the Battle of Antietam, 1862. The note features an impressive allegorical vignette of “Victory,” at left and is seen with impressive Roman numeral and English protector at lower center.

500 Dollar Silver Certificate 1880
1880 $500 Silver Certificate

The 1880 Silver Certificates are all seen with the famous black back designs which prominently display the word "SILVER" across the back. This $500 denomination from the series is rare in any variety and grade.
Bust of Charles Sumner, 1811-1874, U.S. Senator and Statesman. The backs of 1880 Five Hundred Dollar Silver Certificates have a very unique look.  The back is basically just black and white. "SILVER" is printed prominently in the center of each bill.

500 Dollar bill 1918 note John Marshall
U.S. banknotes 1918 $500 Federal Reserve Note John Marshall

500 Dollar bill Gold Certificate 1922 Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Five Hundred Dollar Gold Certificate from Series of 1922

500 Dollar bill McKinley
Five hundred dollar bill

Confederate currency 500 Dollar bill 1864 Stonewall Jackson
Confederate Five Hundred Dollar Note 1864 Stonewall Jackson

This $500 Confederate note has a pink web overprint and features a portrait of General T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson in the lower right corner (General Jackson's "Chancellorsville" portrait, taken at a Spotsylvania County farm on April 26, 1863, seven days before he was wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville). Along the left side of the note is a picture of the Confederate flag and seal (Includes George Washington on horseback and the Latin inscription  "DEO VINDICE" (translated "God Being the Defender.")). A red Confederate Treasury Department stamp is found in the top right corner. This note was printed with pink and black ink. There is no design on the back.